There are occasional events in history that are exceptionally memorable – moments that most everyone you speak to can tell you where they were or what they were doing when they happened. On March 20th, 2133 Earth received its first images of the surface of Kanaloa, the second planet of the Ran system. While scientists had determined nearly sixty years prior that there was water present on the planet, they hadn’t expected the images Clio sent back to be full of plant life. Let alone for there to be a glimpse of some sort of movement that suggested animals.

On March 23rd, the news was revealed to the world. Extraterrestrial life had been found. There didn’t seem to be any sort of settlements or civilizations in the pictures, and the pre-programmed message Clio had sent out to all the planets it passed near had received no response. Scientists claimed that there were no signs of intelligent life to be seen on the planet, just xenoflora and xenofauna. Still an unprecedented discovery.

Player questions: What was your character doing on March 23rd when they heard the news that life had been found on another planet? Were they even old enough to remember it at this point? If so, did they have any feelings on it? Or on the presence or lack of intelligent life?

Construction was immediately begun on a new space station to be placed in orbit around Kanaloa. An operation as delicate and precise as this, of course, takes time and a great deal of money. LumoTech happily took on the majority of the funding, directing the majority of their efforts into creating the new station. Nearly twenty years passed before construction was complete on what they called Kane Station and it was declared habitable. Three years ago, they began the recruitment process for finding a group of suitable scientists and members of the military to send on a long-term expedition to investigate the life forms.

You are part of that esteemed group.

Player questions: How did your character get involved with the research expedition? Was applying their idea or suggested by someone else? If someone else, who and why did they recommend it to your character? How did they handle the training, and how are they feeling before they step onto the transport ship?


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