anatolia2.jpgMazu is the first planet orbiting Ran. A hot Jupiter planet, Mazu is a gas planet that orbits .088 AU from Ran. As a result of its proximity to Ran, Mazu is a very low in density, so though it is only slightly larger in mass than Jupiter, in size it is significantly larger. The orbital period of Mazu is just under 228 hours (approx 9.5 days), and it is tidal locked due to how close to Ran it is located.

Mazu has one small moon known as Kanghui

Named for Mazu, a Chinese godddess of seafarers. The name Mazu was chosen due to the planet’s red coloring and the depiction of the goddess Mazu as a young woman in a red dress.

Mazu has a mass of 2.0783 × 10^27 kg (348 M⊕), and a radius of 67303 mi (17 R⊕), with gravity of only 1.2g, it has a 16 degree axial tilt. The atmosphere of Mazu is made up primarily of hydrogen and helium, as is common on gas planets, and is constantly being subjected to violent storms and extreme weather.


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