Vellamo is the third planet orbiting Ran. A terrestrial planet, Vellamo is a rock planet that orbits 1.02 AU from Ran. The orbital period of Vellamo is 376 days, and it rotates in 32.5 hours. Vellamo is quite close in mass, size, and orbital distance to Earth, however the cooler temperature of Ran combined with Vellamo’s minimal atmosphere make it more similar to Mars than to Earth.

Vellamo has one moon known as Vedenemo.

Named for Vellamo, the Finnish goddess of water, lakes, and seas.

Vellamo has a mass of 2.986 × 10^24 kg (0.5 M⊕), and a radius of 3167.2 mi (0.8 R⊕), with a gravity of 0.78g, it has an axial tilt of 17 degrees. The atmosphere of Vellamo is very thin, made up primarily of carbon dioxide with significant sulfur dioxide present.


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